MSOE Presents Achievements Through Indonesia Pavilion

Team, CNN Indonesia | Senin, 08/10/2018 18:02 WIB
Indonesia Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises will present interesting things about Indonesia through Indonesia Pavilion at IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting. Indonesia Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) in conjunction with all state-owned companies welcomed more than 15.000 participants and delegation of International Monetary Fund (IMF) – World Bank (WB) Annual Meeting 2018 in the Indonesia Pavilion. (Photo Credit. BNI)
Bali, CNN Indonesia -- The Indonesian Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) welcomed the delegates of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)-World Bank (WB) Annual Meeting 2018 in the Indonesia Pavilion which is located in the main area of the event in Nusa Dua, Bali.

The Pavilion is supported by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF), and Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Finance.

Several interesting things about Indonesia including development issues, business affairs, national strategic projects, tourism industry arts and culture and Indonesian handicrafts will be displayed in the Pavilion. Other related information will also be in the 2,000square-meter showcase to attract investor to invest in Indonesia.

A Special Staff of the BUMN Ministry, Sahala Lumban Gaol, said that Indonesia Pavilion will allow the delegates to know Indonesia briefly. More information about the advantages, the beauty and also the uniqueness of Indonesia will also available, he added.

"Indonesian Pavilion will deliver a message of Nawacita, and display Indonesia in numbers, and especially to show the remarkable progress of the infrastructure development across the country from time to time."

The Indonesia Pavilion area is divided into several thematic spaces including the BUMN Hall, Workshop Area, Exhibition Area, VIP Lounge, Investment Lounge, and Stage Pavilion/Coffee Shop. Visitors can explore each room with its own uniqueness.

In addition, the Pavilion will explain delegates about the spirit of Nawacita applied in every development in Indonesia. It also aims to engage investors in the country's development in economy, industry, infrastructure, tourism and art and culture.

According to Sahala, the Indonesia Pavilion will show the development of connectivity of the nation, starting from toll roads to seaports. Meanwhile, traditional arts and handicrafts will be exhibited at the international meeting.

"We want to show the world about the 'rediscover Indonesia'. They will see the digital development, connectivity development, and what connectivity means itself in the country," Sahala said.

Data of Indonesia's economic development and national strategic projects will be presented digitally and attractively on LED screens at the Pavilion.

Over 15,000 delegates participate in the event. (vws)